Dicentes nos sumus non necessario...
...sed magis amamus lacu nostro.


Within the Lake Superior School of Magic are four distinctive Houses, each bearing its own unique character and identity: Chahuru, Homoluter, Mammoth, and Ursuas-auream. These Houses form vibrant communities of learning and camaraderie. To foster a sense of unity and shared experiences, students from the same House are grouped together on designated floors, or sometimes even multiple floors depending on the needs of the House.

In the early stages of their magical education, students within the same House partake in a variety of shared classes, forging bonds and friendships that often last a lifetime. This interconnectedness extends beyond the classroom walls, as the Houses engage in friendly rivalry throughout the school year, earning and losing points based on their behavior, achievements, and contributions to the school community. These points culminate in the highly anticipated House Cup, a prestigious award presented to the House that amasses the highest number of points. The pursuit of glory in the House Cup fuels the students’ dedication, as they strive to exemplify the values and principles of their respective Houses.

Yet, the spirit of competition does not end with the House Cup alone. Within each House and at every grade level, Quodpot and Quidditch teams are formed, igniting further excitement and healthy rivalry. The Houses’ Quodpot and Quidditch teams engage in exhilarating matches, vying for victory in both the Inter-House Cup, which determines the most accomplished House in Quodpot and Quidditch, and the grade level Cups, showcasing the outstanding performances of the students in their respective years of study.

These spirited competitions not only celebrate the Houses’ dedication, teamwork, and skill but also foster a strong sense of belonging and unity within the student body. The Lake Superior School of Magic thrives as an institution where students are encouraged to explore their magical abilities, form lasting connections with their Housemates, and strive for excellence in both academics and extracurricular activities.

The Houses of Chahuru, Homoluter, Mammoth, and Ursuas-auream stand as pillars of support, guidance, and community within the vast tapestry of the school. Through their collective endeavors, the students embrace their House’s legacy, upholding its values while forging their own path of growth and discovery. The Lake Superior School of Magic echoes with the laughter, cheers, and friendly banter of House competitions, bonding the students in their shared pursuit of knowledge, friendship, and magical excellence.


At the heart of the sorting process at the Lake Superior School of Magic lies a remarkable artifact known as the Sorting Sphere. Resplendent in its grandeur, the Sorting Sphere stands as an imposing 6-foot-diameter black marble ball, suspended approximately 3 feet above the floor within the majestic entry hall of the castle. However, this mystical orb possesses a unique quality—it adjusts its height to accommodate even the shortest of students, ensuring fairness and accessibility for all.

As students embark on their first journey into the castle, a sense of anticipation fills the air. Approaching the enigmatic Sorting Sphere, each student places their hand upon its smooth, cool surface. The sphere, responsive to the touch of aspiring young wizards and witches, undergoes a captivating transformation, shifting its color to reflect the House to which the student shall be assigned. A vibrant green hue emanates from the Sphere, signifying the esteemed House of Chahuru. A deep, serene blue color signifies the House of Homoluter. A passionate and fiery red glow designates the House of Mammoth. Finally, a radiant yellow glow unveils itself, representing the House of Ursuas-auream.

Yet, the Sorting Sphere, with its ancient and mysterious magic, occasionally presents an extraordinary occurrence. At times, the sphere may unveil an unexpected shade, a fusion of colors, suggesting a choice of Houses for the student. For instance, if the sphere reveals a captivating purple hue, blending the essence of red and blue, the student is granted a rare opportunity—to select between the House of Homoluter and the House of Mammoth, allowing them to embrace their own inclinations and preferences.

This extraordinary flexibility in the sorting process not only recognizes the uniqueness of each individual but also encourages a deeper sense of personal agency and belonging. The Lake Superior School of Magic values the notion that one’s journey of self-discovery and growth should be accompanied by an environment that honors individuality and personal choice.

Through the Sorting Sphere’s captivating transformations and occasional deviations from the norm, the school fosters a culture of acceptance, granting students the freedom to align themselves with a House that resonates most profoundly with their aspirations, values, and potential. This commitment to individual expression fortifies the bonds formed within the Houses, allowing students to embrace their shared experiences, while simultaneously encouraging personal growth and self-realization. As the Sorting Sphere continues to enchant new generations of students, its mesmerizing colors and interactive nature remain a cherished symbol of the Lake Superior School of Magic’s commitment to inclusivity, personal choice, and the celebration of individuality. With the guidance of this enigmatic artifact, students embark on their magical education, united by House affiliations while forging their own unique paths in pursuit of knowledge, friendship, and personal fulfillment.