Dicentes nos sumus non necessario...
...sed magis amamus lacu nostro.


Horrifically Advanced Required Examinations (commonly known as H.A.R.E.s, pronounced Hares) stand as the ultimate academic trials undertaken by the illustrious seventh-year students at the prestigious Lake Superior School of Magic, representing a momentous milestone on their journey towards graduation. These arduous exams, surpassing even the esteemed E.A.G.L.E.s, serve as a definitive showcase of the students’ unrivaled prowess, exceptional skills, and profound understanding in their chosen fields, all with the aim of impressing and attracting potential employers who hold these scores in high regard.

The significance of H.A.R.E.s in the eyes of employers, particularly within the esteemed Magical Congress of the United States of America (MACUSA), cannot be overstated. The outcomes of these examinations play a decisive role in shaping the career trajectory of aspiring witches and wizards, as employers often scrutinize H.A.R.E.s scores as a primary indicator of an individual’s competence and aptitude in their respective disciplines. These scores possess the power to either elevate candidates to new heights or relegate their aspirations to the shadows.

At Lake Superior School of Magic, H.A.R.E.s stand tall as the pinnacle of academic excellence, epitomizing the institution’s unwavering commitment to nurturing exceptional magical talent. Aptly earning the moniker “horrifically advanced,” these examinations are designed to push the boundaries of students’ knowledge, challenging them to delve into the deepest depths of their chosen subjects. Exclusive to seventh-year students, H.A.R.E.s are strategically scheduled to take place in the second week of May, marking a profound culmination of their magical education just before the eagerly awaited end of term festivities.

To qualify for enrollment in H.A.R.E.-level classes, students must demonstrate their unwavering dedication and outstanding performance by achieving an E.A.G.L.E. in the corresponding subject. This prerequisite serves as a testament to their prior triumphs and validates their readiness to embark on the grueling journey of H.A.R.E. examinations. Such a rigorous path ensures that only the most formidable and accomplished individuals are granted the opportunity to embrace the challenges and rewards that lie within the realm of H.A.R.E.-level studies.

Within the hallowed halls of Lake Superior School of Magic, H.A.R.E.s resonate as a testament to the unwavering commitment, tireless pursuit of knowledge, and indomitable spirit exhibited by the graduating cohort. As these aspiring wizards and witches confront the daunting trials of H.A.R.E.s, they emerge not only as masters of their chosen disciplines but also as beacons of extraordinary potential, ready to make their mark in the vast and enchanting world of magic. Through their resolute determination and unwavering passion, these talented individuals shape a future enriched by boundless possibilities, where the echoes of their H.A.R.E.s success reverberate for generations to come.